Carolina Rovithi's mission is to promote Hellenism and the love for Greece worldwide by creating bright, bold and empowering works of art, showcasing the beauty, spirit and strength of her country, even in turbulent times. With a background as both a conceptual artist and a creative director she aimed to translate the atmosphere, culture, and history of Greece into visual metaphors that instantly bring the country to mind.
The All you need is Greece project has been endorsed by the Greek Tourism Organization (EOT) and it is being held under its auspices.
"With Caroline we share something in common... Greece is our greatest inspiration. We draw strengthfrom its history, its light, its sea, its aura and from everything it represents and offers so open-handedly"
President of the Greek National Tourism Organization,
Ms Angela Gerekou
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Living in Greece gives me the strength and drive to create art to inspire, motivate, and celebrate my country. My mission is to promote Hellenism and the love for Greece worldwide by creating bright, bold, and empowering works of art showcasing the beauty, spirit and strength of my country even in turbulent times.

My work is driven by my belief that "All you need is Greece", also the title of my new book ( A collection of works that capture the essence of the Hellas. Ιconic symbols bridge history with the modern era, blending Greece’s heroic past with bright colors and contemporary imagery, while accompanied by texts of important Greeks.

My Story

I constantly challenge my creativity and that shows in the diversity of my artwork and methods.

I consider my art to be unpredictable, restless and emotional.
My Passion motivates me. I find Inspiration and influences almost everywhere: it is all about perspective & perception.

Every piece of art I create begins with an emotion: I feel pleasure when I paint and that keeps me always hungry for more.

What I do

I create original pieces of art with a variety of mediums: two-dimensional works (illustrations, painting, collage) & three-dimensional work (sculpture, installation). I publish conceptual art books & I design high quality gift items with my art prints. I also do work on commission for private individuals, government or businesses.
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